Gift Card
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Our gift cards are perfect for the person on your list that is hard to shop for! Plus, digital gift cards are a great way to send a gift at the last minute!

They’re also a pretty rad way to support small businesses during global pandemics. ;)

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Since we're all stuck at home for a while, we're doing something extra rad with each gift card purchase. When you buy one of our digital gift cards, we'll send a mystery box (valued at the same amount as your shiny new gift card) to anyone you want! Everybody wins: you get a gift card to keep or give away, someone you love gets a sweet surprise in the mail, AND you get to support a small business during the COVID-19 crisis. (Thank you, btw!) 

After you complete your gift card purchase, we'll be in touch via email to find out who you'd like to receive the surprise box, and what you'd like written on the card. 

Note: surprise boxes may only be shipped in the continental US. Stay well, friends! xoxo