Get Well Card
Get Well Card Get Well Card
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Some injuries hurt your ego more than your body. For example, I have a "friend" who went skiing a while back. On her first run down an easy green, she messed up her knee. She had to be rescued by ski patrol, and drug down the mountain in a body bag behind a sled. She ended up in the emergency room, and on crutches for several weeks with a torn MCL. Her knee hurt a lot, but her pride hurt even worse.

This card is perfect for that everyday slip + fall; to the gashed forehead on an open cabinet door; to the tripping over the dog incident. Keep this one on hand, because when the time is right, laughter is definitely the best medicine.   

  • Size A2 (4.25" x 5.5")
  • Blank Inside
  • Includes one brown kraft envelope
  • Designed & Printed in the USA
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